Why is Video More Important Now than Ever?

You can’t escape it – video content is everywhere. You see it in your inbox, your social media profiles and on websites. It’s taking over as the preferred way to consume content, not just on desktops and laptops, but on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. There are many reasons why we see this trend growing. If you’re curious about online video marketing and its potential benefits, continue reading.

Consumers Eat Up Branded Video

No one really likes commercials, and now that people have the option to skip past them, they do. But using branded video content to promote your company is not only widely accepted but preferred. According to Animoto, 84 percent of consumers have clicked “like” on a branded video that showed up in their social media feed. More than 50 percent of consumers watch the branded videos that were in an email. Now, that you know people are willing to watch your promotional videos, all you have to do is make your content intriguing enough for people to actually like it.

Online Video Actually Works

Video marketing is about more than just posting content and hoping for the best. When marketers and brands incorporate video into their marketing strategy the correct way, they reap the benefits. In 2015, marketers stated that video was a highly effective marketing tactic. According to Ascend2, 87 percent of businesses saw an increase in video marketing effectiveness. So in a nutshell, video content can work wonders for your brand.

Even B2B Videos Are Booming

It’s not just consumers watching video – it’s also business owners and entrepreneurs. According to one study done by ReelSEO, B2B marketers are generating great outcomes from their video marketing endeavors. This squashes the notion that video content is only for B2B companies.

Video Views to Soar By 2017

We’re just one year away from possibly witnessing the prediction Cisco made about online video views. The brand believes video will make up nearly 70 percent of all consumer traffic. This is for all devices, mobile and stationary. In 2015, eMarketer reported that users spent around 5.5 hours daily watching video content (both mobile and desktop), so this isn’t too far-fethced. This is more than just a trend, it’s a transition, so make sure your business is going to be a part of it!

Hugh Benjamin is an Internet marketing expert that has worked with brands in various industries. His specialty is helping small businesses maximize their growth potential using digital marketing tactics like SEO, content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management and PPC campaigning.

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