Warning Signs Your Social Media is Failing

Social media is a key part of any Internet marketing strategy. A lot of brands successfully implement it, but a lot of brands also fail. “If your brand is just starting out, you’ll likely go through a few hurdles. This is normal, but in order to make it through to the finish line, you need to identify and work out the kinks,” says Hugh Benjamin.

Just because your social media plan isn’t working out doesn’t mean you should stop. There will be a lot of hits and misses until you figure things out. An Internet marketing expert can help you formulate and implement a plan. Just make sure to pay attention to the following warning signs when determining whether or not it’s time to tweak your social media marketing strategy.

You’re Not Getting Any Results

Every advertising strategy is designed to boost revenue for a brand, including social media marketing. If you’ve been going at it for a few months and aren’t yielding any type of results, then it could be time for a change. But what does “results” mean? It depends on your goals. Money isn’t the initial goal for every business, some use social media to build brand awareness, while others use it to increase user engagement and lead generation. Whatever your intentions are, it’s best to focus on one or two at a time.

You Feel No One’s Listening

The purpose of any marketing plan is to deliver a message directly or indirectly to the consumer. If you feel your posts aren’t making it to your audience’s ear, then review your strategy. Make sure you’re on the right channels. You can use Google Analytics to see where most of your customers are coming from. Then focus your efforts on that network.

No One is Engaging with Your Content

This could be due to your content being overly self-promotional. Remember, consumers don’t want to be advertised to day in and day out. This is a quick way to get followers to unfollow you. If you want people to engage with your content, then design it around their needs and desires. You should also formulate posts to include questions, so that people will answer them. Try to tie in local or trending topics that will get folks talking. Always think of different ways to write about your products or services so that they help your audience. This way, people will find value in your posts and will be more likely to comment on and even share them with others.

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