How to Use LinkedIn Pt 2: Perfecting Your Outreach Strategy

Social media is the ideal place to generate quality leads for your brand. If you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for showcasing your knowledge, potentially awarding your business with more high quality leads. This is a grand opportunity whether you’re offering consulting services or selling products.

Here’s how you can make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

Make Your Profile Stand Out

It’s very important that you optimize your profile, so that it stands out and captures the attention of your audience. Lately, LinkedIn has been hit by spammers, which means you need to work harder to set your profile apart. Avoid sending out connection requests without a strategy behind it – otherwise, you’ll come off as just another spammer. Your profile needs to be set up in a way that will invite connections, so make sure you have a great professional photo and your sections all filled out. You should also create a title that is unique and engaging.

Showcase Your Expertise Using Content

LinkedIn is quickly filling up with great content from leaders in various industries. Claim your spot as an expert in your field by producing content that your audience will appreciate. You can even upgrade your profile, so that you can make use of the available features that help to track your post and profile views.

Find the Profiles of Potential Customers

You should use targeted keywords to help you find potential clients. For instance, you should implement location-based terms with your keywords. One example would be Los Angeles realtors or L.A. property managers. Create different campaigns that consist of different localized keywords, so you can create consistent opportunities to make connections.

Foster Relationships You Establish

Don’t just make connections and leave them hanging. Make sure you touch base with them regularly to help build strong relationships. The first contact you make should be non-promotional. Then continue the conversation with intriguing titles and messages. Treat your connections like an email list, providing great insights and value to your potential clients.

Research is needed to ensure you’re LinkedIn campaigns are successful. You’ll also need a steady flow of quality content to push out. Consider working with an online marketing professional to help make this happen.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert who specializes in digital campaigns. His services include social media marketing, PPC management, online reputation management, SEO, content marketing, web design and business development consulting.

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