How to Use LinkedIn to Your Professional Advantage Pt 1

Back in the day, getting connected to someone who could help advance your business or career took a lot of footwork. Technology has turned this process into a piece of cake, which has actually turned out to be a double-edged sword. Since it’s easier to reach people of influence, you have more competition striving for the very same thing you are. On that note, making yourself stand out is key. One way professionals are successfully achieving this is using social media platforms like LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, you can build a profile that is attractive to prospects and business connections. It’s the perfect platform for connecting with such people quickly. Here’s how you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a networking machine.

Ensure Your Profile is Professional

If you want people to take you seriously, then you need to make sure your profile looks professional. This includes everything from your profile picture and summary to your job history and education. Fill everything in and make everything sound great (but true). If you have to hire a writer, then do so.

Start Connecting with Others

Start off searching for people you know and want to know. You can use the search feature on LinkedIn to find profiles of other users. Once you find their profile, look to see if you have any common connections. If so, you can either introduce yourself or ask the connection to introduce you. If you decide to introduce yourself, then them seeing that you two have a common connection may open them up to replying to your message or accepting your connection request.

Search By Company

If you’re trying to make new connections without any common connections, then you can use the search feature to browse for individuals that work within a particular company. If you can get a few connections this way, you can work your way up the ladder to the person you really want to connect with.

Upgrade to the Pro Version

There’s a paid upgrade available for your LinkedIn profile, which comes with features that can be very useful, such as the ability to see when someone views your profile and who it is. Knowing this will determine whether someone has shown interest and whether or not you should continue pursuing them.

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