Unlock Your Creative Genius with these Tips

Sitting around waiting for inspiration isn’t going to help generate innovative ideas. “Sometimes, you have to get your own creative juices flowing,” says Hugh Benjamin, a digital marketing professional. Inspiration comes sporadically in most cases, but there is a way to help it to occur more often. If you’re looking for a creative boost, you can use the following tips to help inspire yourself whenever you need to.

  • Try going with the worst idea. Sometimes, the bad idea isn’t so bad after all. Plus, it’s all in a matter of perspective. If you trust the person who gave you the idea, then why not give it a shot?
  • Take small bets versus major risks. This way, if your ideas go awry, it won’t cause too much damage to your organization. Walking up a hill is safer than climbing a mountain any day.
  • Question everything and test, test, test. You may find out a better way to do things you’re already doing.
  • Don’t be too proud to copy. Build on top of the classics to make it your own.
  • Write down all of your thoughts as you brainstorm. Go back to them at a later date to get inspired.
  • Try thinking like a thought leader you admire. Ask yourself, “What would X do?”
  • Getting new perspectives from others can help – try asking your team members, employees or even family and friends about a particular problem or solution. Their unique perspectives can potentially help you create new approaches.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Consistent work daily can help unlock your genius. It almost becomes second nature to you.
  • Focus on becoming a master of one, not everything. That’s a mistake that will have your thoughts scrambled all over the place.
  • Set aside time to day dream and doodle (if you’re artsy). Allow yourself to be free mentally and you’ll be surprised at the crazy and not-so-crazy ideas it can spur.
  • Unplug from the world – turn off all distractions, including your smartphone, laptop, television, radio and become connected with yourself.
  • Try learning from others outside of your industry. Some brands have successfully taken the philosophies and ideas of other industries and applied them to their own businesses.
  • Be open to new possibilities – instead of saying flat out no, try saying maybe sometimes.

Creativity is an important part of running a business or promoting a brand. Try these tips to help get ideas flowing in.

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