Unique Ways to Enhance Your Brand and Drive Conversions

There are different methods you can try to enhance your brand and increase conversions, but only a few of them will actually work. Social media is by far one of the most effective marketing venues available. Of course, you need a really good strategy to implement. Small businesses that have successfully integrated social media into their Internet marketing can witness a significant increase in traffic.

In one study done by Shareaholic, it was found that social media referrals account for 30 percent of the overall traffic websites receive. If this isn’t true for your business, then you should reevaluate your social media marketing strategy. Even if it is above that benchmark, it’s good to evaluate what you’re doing to see what you can be doing better.

Here are some of the things you can possibly do to improve your social media strategy to boost your conversions and build brand recognition.

Invest in Long-Form Content

Today, most people are looking for content that’s quick to digest, but they’re also intrigued by longer posts that are more comprehensive. You should definitely mix it up every now and then to accommodate the time of your audience. Of course, the long-form pieces should be exclusively for topics that call for lengthier content.

Embed Call to Actions in Posts

Facebook and other networks allow you to add call to actions to your posts. This can help drive clicks and traffic to your website and landing pages. There are tutorials online you can use to learn how to implement this tactic.

Don’t Just Use One Platform

People are looking to consume all types of content, so why not expand your visibility by being on multiple platforms? You can establish yourself as a diverse brand. For instance, you can have beautiful visuals on Instagram, infographics on Pinterest, videos on YouTube and blog posts on Google Plus. Each of these platforms can also be used to link to your content on your website to help increase traffic.

Engage with Your Audience

Try to create conversations wherever you can, whether it’s on social media or your blog. Ask questions to get people talking and respond to comments and questions others post. Give thanks whenever someone mentions your brand and says something nice about it. You can also share the posts of others and post user generated content on your pages. Remember, social media and brand building is all about the relationships you establish and grow.

Hugh Benjamin is an Internet marketing expert that offers social media marketing services to small businesses. Other services that have been used to grow companies include content marketing, SEO, video marketing, PPC and online reputation management.

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