Trump Your Business: The Value of First Impressions

Donald Trump, no doubt, is a very big influence for entrepreneurs today. Hugh Benjamin is no stranger to Trump’s teachings, and has even had the honor of meeting the Donald himself at a convention. Donald Trump’s business teachings and philosophy are all focused on one thing: first impressions. Trump is passionate, bold, and brave. He takes big risks and gets big rewards. Of course he’s an icon to those who follow in his steps, as he is to Hugh Benjamin.

Hugh stands with Trump’s teachings in most aspects, and appreciates that the man is passionate about what he does and bold in his business dealings. He always does the best he can, no matter what he’s doing, and that’s what Hugh strives for as well. Donald Trump’s main philosophy is about putting all the money into the lobby. As a hotel tycoon, it makes sense that this would be his specific focus, but the concept carries through to any industry.

What people see is what matters– and Hugh Benjamin carries that philosophy into all of his business dealings, including his social media services. He understands that even the best plans can fail and even the best companies can go unnoticed with a bad website design or social media account. Donald Trump makes sure that every single detail in his hotels is perfect, with a specific focus on the lobby, because he knows that’s what people see first. It makes a lasting impression, and they come back time after time because their expectations were not disappointed.

Donald Trump is a winner in the business world, no matter who you ask. His business savvy has created an international brand that is recognized around the world. He also knows how to recover from adversity and he has the passionate personality that a showman needs in the business world. Trump’s own successes and failures have influenced Hugh Benjamin like they have influenced many, and helped catapult Hugh into the future of business with one goal in mind: to Trump his business. The idea? To take the experience and lessons of Donald Trump’s hotel success and apply it to social media and internet marketing.

Through these practices, along with the added experience of other marketing gurus and business success stories, Hugh is making quite a name for himself in the industry, and he’s really just getting started.

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