Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement

You have to approach social media engagement the same way you do dating. “Most people today aren’t trusting. They don’t fall in love on the first date – it takes a few more to even commit to the idea of liking that individual. The same goes for online brands and consumers. Brands have to show prospects that they are great and worthy of loyalty,” shares Hugh Benjamin, a digital marketing guru.

You can’t expect prospects to be ready to make a purchase the very first time they visit your website. You may run across an occasional psychopath who falls in love the very first day, and here and there, you may witness impulsive buyers buying your products or services the first go around.

But if you want to consistently win over your Facebook users, you need a strategy to keep them engaged. This means taking time out of your day to engage as well (or hire a social media marketing company to do it for you).

New followers have just become acquainted with your page and will need to be schmoozed. Here are some methods you can utilize to get the party started on your Facebook page.

Build Trust

Every great relationship is built on trust. Without it, there’s no loyalty and if you don’t have loyalty then what’s to keep them buying from you and not the next guy (or gal)? You can do this by offering valuable content that demonstrates your expertise in the industry.

Grow Your Referral Network

You don’t always have to ask for referrals to get them, at least not when you use social media to its full potential. When people share your content, others also see it, which means more visibility for your brand.

Prime Users to Respond

A bit of conditioning is needed to get users ready to respond to your posts (and ultimately your sales pitch). Engage with your users and get them used to your interaction. Avoid too heavy a sales pitch too soon or posting irrelevant content.

Keep Engagement High

If there’s anything that will motivate you to engage with users it’s this – the more you engage, the higher your free reach. This means you need to keep users commenting, liking and sharing your content. Focus more on sharing great content and less on promotions.

Share Content that’s Visually Appealing

If you really want to grab users’ attention today, you need to share content that is highly visual, including memes, infographics and high quality photos. Your content should be original and interesting to your target audience.

Ask Questions

Sometimes, the best way to get people talking is to ask a question. It’s also a great way to get input from your audience about their interests. Use that to create content that will truly enjoy. Then craft intriguing questions around them and watch how quickly engagement soars!

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