Small Businesses:How Online Video Can Benefit You Today!

Working as an Internet marketer has placed me in awkward situations where I have to explain over and over the importance of online video to small business owners. Old-school entrepreneurs are stuck to the old ways of marketing and are suffering because of it. Entrepreneurs absolutely have to bend with the times if they want to remain relevant, and one of the ways I see small businesses pulling this off is with online video. If you know people in the millennial crowd, then you know how important video content is. They spend many hours per week on YouTube, iTunes and Blab.

Some business owners feel there’s no need to have video content and that it’s a matter of choice. While it is a choice, it doesn’t make much sense to downplay it. I’ve seen a number of companies boost their credibility (brand building) as well as lead generation (revenue) by including video marketing in their strategy. These are the two major benefits that online video can provide to your business, but only when done correctly.

The issue a lot of small business owners have is figuring out how to incorporate online video into their strategy. There are a number of ways this can be done effectively:

  • Testimonials: Ask satisfied customers if you can record their testimonial of your company and their use of your products or services. It’s one thing to hear it from the brand and another to hear it from the “horse’s mouth.”
  • History of the company: Help people get to know your brand better by giving them a little history about your organization, such as how and why it started, and background info on the owners.
  • Industry-related topics: Share information about the latest topics and trends in your industry, but make it relevant to your audience.
  • Teach: Show your customers how to improve their lives by using your products or services.

The goal is to provide value to your customer base using your content. It will also give your brand authority and credibility. Gaining trust is key to winning over prospects and forging loyal customers. If you’re the only one in your local market doing this, this will give you a competitive edge and make you more visible than even the larger companies that fail to effectively incorporate online video.

Online video is the ideal way to make a small business appear larger, not in size, but in impact.

Hugh Benjamin is an Internet marketing expert that’s worked with small business owners across the world. Online video marketing is one of the services offered to help businesses grow quickly. Others include PPC, content marketing, SEO and social media marketing.

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