SEO Mistakes that Will Get You Penalized in 2017

As a business owner, you want to make sure you start your year off right. In order to do so, you need to have a marketing strategy in place that will take your company to the next level. This should include a great search engine optimization plan to ensure your website and content make it to the top of the SERPs. Of course, you should achieve this using white hat methods, otherwise you risk losing your ranks and getting penalized by the likes of Google.

Not having to deal with any Google penalties is a great New Year’s resolution for 2017. If this is a goal of yours, then make sure you’re not making any of the following mistakes.

Driving Traffic to Your Homepage

Maybe ten years ago this would’ve been a good idea, but not in today’s world. Consumers these days will quickly bounce away from a web page if it doesn’t display exactly what they’re looking for. You need to improve your marketing game by driving traffic to certain landing pages that are related to whatever ad or content the link is attached to. Linking to your high quality content is also important for your ranks. Remember, Google ranks pages, not websites.

Using Unnatural Link Building Methods

Using link farms and link wheels has been a way of life for internet marketers of yesterday’s past. But in the present and future, this is a quick way to downgrade your website ranking. Focus on generating natural backlinks by creating high-quality content others won’t mind linking to. You can’t control who links to your pages, but if your content is great, then you’ll more than likely get links from other quality sites.

Buying Links

This is another quick way to get a penalty from Google. However, there are thousands of websites that are still doing this and paying dearly for this mistake. Rather than soliciting sites to sell links, you should focus on reaching out to influencers and building relationships. If your content matches what their audience wants, then they’ll be happy to share your content on their blog or social media pages.

If your business is guilty of focusing majority of its efforts and budget on social paid ads  and other matters not related to SEO, then it’s time to make some changes. Work with an internet marketing agency that can analyze your business and suggest solutions to improve your SERP ranking.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert that helps small businesses maximize their exposure. This is done using an assortment of services, including SEO, content marketing, PPC, business development consulting, social media marketing and online reputation management.

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