SEO: How to Employ Persuasion Optimization

We’re very familiar with the term search engine optimization, since it’s been addressed repeatedly over the years. There’s no denying it’s highly relevant in today’s business world. It can help boost your visibility and potentially your inbound traffic. “One thing Internet marketers tend to forget about is persuasion optimization,” points out Hugh Benjamin, a digital marketer. If you’ve taken marketing courses, you know how important persuasion is.

But in case you forgot, here is a quick refresher.

The Principles of Persuasion

Robert Cialdini is a marketing guru they teach about in college – he came up with the six principles of persuasion, which are as follows:

  1. Reciprocity: Giving something to get something in return (think free downloads for email addresses).
  2. Commitment: People like to be viewed as consistent and are compelled to deliver. Get people to commit to something small, but free, and down the line you may be able to convert them into customers.
  3. Social proof: Social media is a prime example of our desire to be accepted by those we know. We are followers by nature, which is why reviews and testimonials work so well.
  4. Authority: People respect those they view as an authority figure. Blogs and social media are excellent ways to establish authority.
  5. Likeability: People like to follow those they like. If you are liked by the public, then they are more likely to follow you.
  6. Scarcity: Creating a sense of urgency is a tactic retailers love to use – one-time deals and limited editions.

Implementing Persuasion Optimization

The key is to find ways to implement Cialdini’s principles into your Internet marketing strategy. Let’s review some of the top ways you can achieve this:

  • Integrate social proof and authority at once. This will help gain visibility and boost traffic and followers. Amazon does an excellent job of this by displaying ratings and reviews for each product. They also show expert reviews, which showcases authority.
  • Offer a free course to get users to commit. This technique helps to increase loyal customers. Those who download are a step away from becoming a paying customer.
  • Tell your company’s story to gain likeability. Hiut Denim is one brand that did this exceptionally well. Their blog tells stories of the history of the brand and the town it’s in.
  • Give away a free 30-day trial of a premium service and they’re more than likely to return the favor by giving you their contact info.

Do more limited-time deals to promote scarcity. You can add a countdown ticker to help emphasize this.

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