Why Selecting the Right Platforms is Essential for Online Marketing

One of the top mistakes I continue to see brands make is spreading themselves thin on social media networks. The influx of platforms out there today may make you believe you need to be everywhere to prevail. In actuality, being in all the wrong places will just detract from your efforts. It’s best to hand-select the ones that best suits your company. How do you differentiate them? You look at the users – do they consist of your customers?

It’s best to go with platforms where majority of your audience hangs out. Otherwise, your posts will fall on deaf ears or worse, an irrelevant audience. The sooner you understand that not all platforms will benefit your business the better.

Here’s a closer look at why limiting your social profiles is a great idea.

Managing All of those Accounts Could Be Detrimental to Your Business

Likely, you don’t have the time to dedicate to managing and updating your social media campaigns throughout the day. Well, this is mandatory if you want to pique the interest of your followers. Brands that are on a multitude of platforms have an in-house team of online marketers to handle this for them. Sure, you can hire a small agency to manage your accounts for you, but again, choosing those most relevant to your business needs is key.

Understanding User Intent is Crucial

How users interact with the content on these platforms and what their intent is is very important. This is very telling of how your strategy should be implemented. For instance, Facebook users aren’t scouring their feed for brands and products, however, that’s how their ads are displayed. They key to excelling with Facebook paid ads is to use the special targeting features. If you’re in an industry that can trigger impulse buying, then this is for you. Examples would be fashion, health products and beauty.

The ROI Can Vary Greatly Between Platforms

If you decide to take the paid ad route, then you need to be on the social networks that will give you a good cost-per-acquisition. You may find that one platform can deliver a higher ROI than the others, so it’s important to monitor this carefully. Try a bit of A/B testing to determine if your ads can be tweaked to improve your CPA. An internet marketing expert can analyze your campaigns and determine what needs to be done next.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert that helps businesses in various sectors with their branding and building an online presence. This is done using services, such as business development consulting, content marketing, SEO, web design, ORM, social media marketing and PPC marketing.

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