Reasons Why You Should Implement Agile Marketing

There are various forms of marketing that your brand can and should be taking advantage of. The obvious are online marketing and social media marketing, but there’s a technique you’re likely missing out on known as agile marketing.

What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing is a tactical approach that is being used (and planning to be used) by 41 percent of marketers (according to a survey done by Workfront and MarketingProfs). With this style of marketing, teams determine and focus their collective efforts on projects that are considered high value. The projects are completed together and measured for their impact, then adjusted to obtain better results over time.

The purpose of this process is to allow quick iteration, learning and testing, and to enable brands to change direction with their marketing seamlessly. All decisions made in agile marketing are based on data and results. This pushes opinions and conventions out the window, which are known to wreak havoc on branding and marketing campaigns.

Why You Need Agile Marketing

There are various reasons why agile marketing can improve your campaigns. For one, it can make adapting to the market easier. One of the biggest problems marketers have is the ever-changing market dynamics and competition.

Agile marketing can also give you a better scope and enable you to prioritize work. All of your tasks and projects are broken down and designated to teams, so everyone knows what needs to be done and when. Since new data is always coming in, these teams are able to adjust their efforts accordingly. It’s also easier to take care of emergency work requests, since it just gets push into the shuffle of other tasks that have to be tackled.

Lastly, everyone seems to like agile marketing, which means happier teams. According to a report done by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, employee satisfaction was increased by at least 20 percent when an agile software development approach was utilized. In another study done by Wrike, it showed that those who adopted agile marketing were more satisfied with how work was managed by their team. Employees like to see results and agile marketing helps bring that forth more quickly.

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