Quick Get-Started Guide for Your Business Instagram Profile

Social media continues to be a fast-growing venue, especially for businesses, brands and Internet marketing experts. “According to Forrester studies, Instagram has one of the highest user engagement rates around,” notes Hugh Benjamin. Seven different networks were included in the study and while they all had a 0.1 percent or less engagement rate, Instagram had a whopping 4.21 percent. Small businesses and brands alike need to really consider using this, especially if you’re thirsty for user engagement.

Instagram is a simple-to-use platform that can be accessed using any mobile or stationary device you own. Numbers show that 67 percent of consumers rely on quality images when making buying decisions. The image actually trumps other factors, like product description and customer ratings.

If you’re looking to get your business set up on Instagram, use the following five tips to start off right.

Select a Username

The username you choose should represent your brand, so it makes sense to use your business name. If it’s already in use, then get creative with how you spell the name or use symbols and periods. Add your location to the name to give it SEO power and professionalism.

Fill Out the Bio/About Section

This is an opportunity to make your profile stand out. You only get 150 characters to work with, so make it count. Try to include a few keywords in there that are industry related. You can also use a 3rd party app to add formatting and spacing in order to make your profile different from others. Last, don’t forget to include your business URL and a CTA.

Post Content Strategically

Everything you post on your account should be done with a purpose, whether it’s to engage, entertain or educate. Always use quality photos or risk having your profile unfollowed. The posts you make should be relevant to your audience and resonates with your brand.

Come Up with a Hashtag Strategy

Speaking of having a strategy, make sure you also have one for hashtags. This is the way trends grow and spread on social media. You need to come up with a hashtag that pertains specifically to your company. Then encourage users to use it when making posts about your company. As a rule of thumb, you should include five to six hashtags in each of your posts (this will help reach users that aren’t following you yet).

Make Sure to Engage

This is one of the most important steps, so don’t overlook it. You can interact with people by answering and asking questions, commenting on posts and sharing the content of others. The more you engage, the more likely others will engage with you.

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