The Number One Reason SEO Campaigns Fail

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pinpoint the exact issues with your search engine optimization strategy? Unless you’re familiar with the process and have access to the right tools, this is next to impossible. The good news is that you can hire an SEO expert who has all this knowledge to analyze your efforts.

You can also learn a lot from the pitfalls of others. And so far, we’ve seen a consistent trend in the mistakes being made in search engine optimization campaigns. There’s a top contender on this list, which we feel needs to be ousted. It’s a simple mistake that, if avoided, can help improve the results of your content strategy.

So what’s this number one mistake?

Not Using Content Distribution to its Full Potential

It’s great that you have your own personal or business blog you use to publish your content to. But it just doesn’t compare to the amount of traction your posts would get if it were published on third party sites.

Distributing your content to sites with a large profile can help get more views for your posts. Plus, it can bring more traffic to your website. The backlink power this will help build would yield substantial results for your campaign. It would help boost your ranks in the SERPs and potentially bring more traffic that converts.

Choosing Distribution Sites

It wouldn’t make sense to post your content to sites with low domain authority such as yours. The idea is to compete for a place in high-ranking sites. This tells Google your content is relevant, and the backlink pointing to your site will help boost your own ranks. With this, traffic will come.

More Distribution, Less Writing

In the past, it was all about writing tons of keyword laden posts. Today, it’s about writing a handful of pieces and promoting the heck out of them. Distribution is the key to getting your content seen, so it should be a top priority. As a rule of thumb, you should spend 15 minutes writing and 45 minutes finding places for distribution.

You Need an Outreach Strategy

There are different ways you can have your content featured on authoritative sites. This includes reaching out to influencers online and in your community. You can target social media influencers who have websites, local newspapers and anywhere else your content would fit. A quick Google search would also yield great potential distribution sites within your industry.

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