These Mistakes Are Dragging Your Biz through the Mud!

The year 2016 has proven to be a turning point for a lot of brands and internet marketers. Today’s online marketing strategies are more complex because there are so many moving parts. There’s social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, web design, PPC, ORM and link building, to name a few.

The great thing about internet marketing today is that all of the pieces to the puzzle can fit together seamlessly. When you leave one out of the mix or add it, then ignore it, it can wreak havoc for your brand. Since there are so many moving parts to focus on now, it’s essential that you stay on top of your A game. This isn’t always easy – in fact, most brands continue to make mistakes that cause problems down the road.

Here are some of the common mistakes I see brands making the most.

Choosing the Wrong Social Platform

Not all social media sites are created equal – that’s why not everyone is everywhere. You may find some of your Facebook audience on Pinterest, but you may not find any of them on Snapchat. Going where your audience is is essential, but you also want to determine if the platform suits your brand. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense for a security alarm company to be on Pinterest, since it’s more suited for brands that are visual.

Designing Your Site for Beauty, Not Functionality

Of course, everyone wants their website to be attractive, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of user-friendliness. When people visit your site, they don’t want to see a ton of slides and videos, unless it directly pertains to them. Visitors come to find a product or information, and if they can’t find this swiftly, then they will more than likely leave your site prematurely.

Putting CTAs in the Wrong Place

Your calls to action are very important, which is why they need to be placed in the right areas of your pages. It wouldn’t make sense to place it only at the top of the page, especially if the visitor has yet to learn of your product and why they should consider purchasing it. Placing it midway and at the end of the page would be more appropriate in this case.

Not Updating Your Website

Your site isn’t a set it and forget it tool. It needs continual maintenance and attention. There comes a time when updates are needed for various plugins, codes and even the overall design. Assigning a marketing expert to the task would be ideal so they can let you know what needs to be changed and why.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert who specializes in everything to do with the web. This includes SEO, content marketing, video marketing, ORM, web design, PPC and social media marketing and management.

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