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It’s not enough to have great content on your website. “If you think that clicking ”publish” will instantly generate traffic and user engagement for the post you spent hours or even days working on, think again. Internet traffic isn’t magic, it’s a strategy,” notes digital marketing professional, Hugh Benjamin.

The Internet today is filled with lots of content – some will even go as far to say it’s too much content. In a sense this is true, making it overwhelming for users to find content they need. This is why marketers and brands should to spend more time amplifying their content. Otherwise, their hard work will be fruitless.

Here are a few things you can do to get more user engagement from your audience using social media.

Ask for Comments

Whenever you post a new article, end it off by asking readers to comment. You should do the same when you share it on social media. Sometimes, asking for feedback is enough to get people to chime in.

Engage with Users

Don’t just ask for comments and never come back to read and respond. It’s important to engage with users and moderate discussions. Make sure there’s no spam or inappropriate behavior going on. Quality comments is just as important as quality content.

Properly Source Content

Give credit wherever credit is due. If you use someone else’s quote or picture, make sure to provide the source. You should also let the content creator know and provide a link once you publish it. You never know, they may even share your work.

Answer a Popular Question

Q&A’s thrive well on the Internet, so why not create content for the sake of answering a question? Sites like Quora and even Yahoo have successfully done this. Remember, Google and its AI are looking for answers to certain queries, so if you are providing them, then it’s more likely your website link will be included in the answer box.

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Consider writing the question in the headline to give it more emphasis for search engines and to draw in readers.

Ask a Question on Social Networks

This is an excellent way to get followers involved and will even help give you ideas for future articles. Ask for opinions and examples. Involve people in your content-making, then share the finished piece. Surely, you flatter them and get some comments and shares.

Make your Content Newsworthy

Oreo did an excellent job of this during the Superbowl blackout in 2013. Their infamous Twitter post received over 6,000 mentions just on Google News. Imagine what was happening on all of the social networks.

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