Hugh Benjamin with Reputation Management and Social Media

Hugh Benjamin has helped several companies go from nothing to record breaking growth.
Part of the customer acquisition model that he has implemented at companies includes
a process of building and online brand and story along the way to help convert clients
and use these tools for the sales team as they have consultations with prospects.

He is known to many as the sales scientist or the business architect that has put
major start ups on the map, helped them obtain investors, growth capital and plain
out build sales momentum.

Hugh Benjamin brings to the table his expertise in sales, internet marketing and online
branding concepts that could turn the right company into a seven figure per month sale
growth and revenues quickly !

If you want your business to grow, Hugh Benjamin is one consultant that can help your vision
become a reality and generate cutting edge ideas. You need to intertwine the internet, brand reputation and sales processes or you will just be wasting time and money for your business.


Hugh Benjamin Internet Consultant
Hugh Benjamin Internet Consultant

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