Hugh Benjamin has a history of adding value and leaving every place better than they were before. He even was inducted into his high school hall of fame. While being inducted he delivered a speech in front of thousands of students talking about the importance of reading and education for success in any industry. Hugh Benjamin enlisted in the US Marines in 1988 directly after high school where he studied aviation electronics and worked on helicopters.  He was one of the highest scoring marines on his testing in addition to being the top marksman while attending boot camp in Paris Island, South Carolina where he scored 2 points away from a perfect score on the shooting range.

He brings a level of excellence to any work that he does.  After attending the US Marines Hugh Benjamin broke into the entertainment industry and appeared on dozens of national tv spots, commercials, films and learned that if he applied the same work ethic in any industry it paid off.  During that time he started an event planning company where Hugh Benjamin turned simple entertainment and services into a referral based clientele of celebrities and corporations through his creativeness and attention to detail that he applied.

Hugh Benjamin has worked with several high profile people and through his work and creativeness led to many opportunities with his career.

He has implemented programs that have allowed companies to excel and build momentum through his experience and insights as many of those businesses are still running today that he helped launch from the beginning or contributed to the marketing and advancement of customers and directly impacted the company to grow and create more value to its customers.


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