Hugh Benjamin is a multi-talented actor and performer and internet marketing expert who has served in the Marines and helped the FBI capture a fugitive that had eluded them for over a year. His credits as an actor cover the spectrum of commercials, (Dell, Sprint), Television shows, (Roswell, Party of Five, Alaska), as well as several feature films (Swing, Defying Gravity, Happy Hour).

Hugh is a dichotomy of interests and abilities; a skilled martial
artist who is also an accomplished magician and performance clown
specializing in balloon animal creations. He has displayed his
thespian gifts in dramatic and lighted hearted productions while the
footlights have illuminated his dancing feet on stage and in the
street as a hip-hop performer.

Diversification comes naturally to Hugh, who can easily shift from
dialectician for voice over work to action laden domino design
creations, such as he has done for NSync, Stephen King and the Olsen

Hugh Benjamin can ride like the wind because he is an Expert Division
Champion Equestrian, can shoot out the Ace of Spades at 100 paces with
his eagle eyed marksmanship or make you cramp up laughing with his
comedy improvisation skills performed entirely in fluent
conversational German.

A natural athlete, Hugh has played at the varsity level in football,
swimming, soccer and wrestling along with track and field for which he
was a State Finalist in the discus and shot put.

Whether it’s jumping the swells on a jet ski or hitting the slopes on
snow skis, Hugh Benjamin has the heart of an Olympiad and the soul of
an actor. His persona of an everyman, a face that portrays the easy
going nature of your best friend or next door neighbor is the exterior
covering as yet to reveal the interior complexity of a harden soldier,
avid sportsman and accomplished performer on the stage, screen and

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