Growing a Business: Work Smarter Not Harder

Very few entrepreneurs open up a business with the idea of remaining small-time. Most small business owners want to eventually expand their companies into something bigger – whether it be through franchising, merging with other companies or opening up more shops in their locale. There are many ways to push your business to the next level, but few take it there because they believe it takes lots and lots of hard work.

The reality is that business growth has never been about working harder – it’s all about working smarter. You’ve likely heard the phrase before “Work smarter, not harder” and this couldn’t be any more true. If you built your business on the notion of hard work is what it takes to succeed, then it may be time you learned a new philosophy. Here’s why I tell my clients hard work isn’t always the answer to growing a company.

Lots of Energy Unnecessarily Wasted

There’s always an easier way to do things, so why spend the extra time and effort taking the long scenic route? This is a concept some small business owners fail to realize. They feel the need to put in lots of energy into their businesses in order to get a sizable return on investment. But think of it this way – you can spend 18 hour days in the office handwriting reports and documents and that won’t guarantee success.

Doesn’t it make more sense that success comes easier and faster to the business owner who outsource and delegate tasks to qualified individuals in their organization? After all, this would allow them to get more work done in a shorter period of time. He doesn’t have to waste his energy on tedious tasks like pouring over financial books, evaluating and training workers or reading and writing countless reports.

Focus More On Expanding Your Network

With less energy being wasted on tasks others can handle, you can give more attention to important matters like growing your network. In business, it’s all about who you know. Attending networking events and even using the Internet to connect with like-minded business owners is key for growth. You will also need to spend more time fostering the relationships with the connections you make.

Work Becomes Less Like Work

No one likes work unless it’s fun. A fun work environment is key for maintaining motivation. Implementing strategies that make everyone’s job easier is necessary to make this a reality. Finding ways to work smarter, not harder can work well for everyone on your team. And the better you make their work lives, the more productive they become.

Hugh Benjamin is an Internet marketing expert who has helped a number of small businesses across the globe with growth. He primarily uses social media, search engine optimization, online reputation management and PPC marketing to achieve growth goals.

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