How to Get Your Social Media Strategy in Order Before EOY Holidays

What plans do you have for the upcoming holiday season? It’s summer, you say? That’s even more reason to get all of your ducks in a row. You don’t want to be a sitting duck, waiting until the last minute to start planning for your holiday marketing campaigns. Once this time rolls around, all you should have to do is implement the strategy you’ve already developed.

Social media should definitely be a part of this strategy – it’s the perfect way to connect with your prospects and customers. Businesses that use it right can increase their sales exponentially. A whole lot of shoppers use social media during the shopping season, so your influence there could drive them to purchase your products or services.

You Need Solid Planning

The key to the success of any social media marketing strategy is to back it with solid planning. Analyze your past year’s performance on social media to see what should be done differently this time around. You don’t want to wait until the busiest time of year to try and throw together your strategy. You need to know the times of day and the days of the week that are most frequented by your followers, so you can post accordingly. Data collected from the past 12 months will be useful.

Choose Your Sales Tactics

Which products and services do the best during the holidays? These are the items you want to put on sale, along with others that don’t get a lot of burn. If you’re planning a new product launch, you can build buzz around it and then release it during the holidays. There are many different tactics you can use, it just takes a bit of consideration and sometimes some expert help to see the direction you should go in.

Consider Paid Ads

Facebook and other social networks now offer paid advertisements, which can be very effective during the holidays. Plan the copy and images you will use, so you can roll out the ads swiftly when the time comes around. Some brands are even starting light holiday marketing right now. Make sure the network you use offers a lot of room to build a campaign that is highly targeted, such as Facebook.

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