Don’t Let a Bad Yelp Review Ruin Your Reputation

There’s absolutely no way to stop customers from posting a negative review online about your business. As a brand, the best you can do is ensure your products, services and customer service reps perform the jobs they’re supposed to. It’s impossible to keep every single customer happy because everyone is different. Meeting everyone’s expectations would be great, but it’s just not realistic.

And when the time comes for customers to vent about their frustrations with your brand, you need to be on your “A” game. This means you should have a strategy in place for your online reputation management. Your strategy should include the approach you will take when someone decides to leave a bad review on platforms like Yelp.

Bad Reviews On Yelp Can Devour Your Brand

If you’re not attentive to the negative reviews made about your brands, they could quickly devour your credibility. Yelp is the go-to resource for many online consumers. Here are some numbers that show the significance of Yelp:

  • 162 million people visit Yelp each month
  • 4/5 of users would change their mind about buying from a brand after reading a negative review
  • 45 percent of consumers share bad experiences with brands on social media and review sites
  • 78 percent of consumers feel better about brands that respond to reviews (it shows they care)

It’s easy to see the impact a review (good or bad) can have when placed on Yelp. It’s all the more reason to pay close attention to what Yelpers are saying about your brand.

Protecting Your Brand

There are multiple steps you can take after receiving a bad review on Yelp (or any other site). The very first thing you should do is respond publicly as quickly as possible. Leave your emotions at the door and allow your professionalism and genuineness to shine through.

A diplomatic approach is always the best in these scenarios. Make sure your reply isn’t going to cause further harm to the situation. Your response to negative reviews should:

  • Offer a solution to legitimate concerns consumers bring to light
  • Reassure other prospects your brand is good to do business with
  • Consists of positive language
  • Be welcoming to critics speaking out, so you can have an opportunity to turn around their view of your brand

Working together with an ORM expert can also ensure these matters are tended to properly.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert that offers various services to small business owners around the world. These services include SEO, content marketing, ORM, web design, PPC, social media marketing and management, and business development consulting.

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