Does Your Reputation Have an Impact On Sales?

One sure way for a business to trash its brand is to ignore its reputation online or otherwise. How consumers perceive your company is essential for earning their business. This is why I promote reputation management heavily to any clients I work with. Without a reputation, people won’t know and look for you and with a bad rep, people will know, but avoid you.

Your revenue relies on your ability to sell your products and services. With a strategy that focuses on building up your reputation, you can make sales a piece of cake. Why spend all of your effort and money on chasing leads when you can make leads come to you?

Here are a few ways a great reputation can help increase sales:

  • Webinar: Why would people buy a ticket to your webinar if they don’t know you or feel your brand isn’t worthy? When your reputation precedes you in a good way, people are more willing to sign up for these events without too much of a hassle on your end.
  • Consulting: When you want to learn how to do something, you want to be taught by the best. If you successfully demonstrate your brand as an authority in an industry, people will buy your consulting services.
  • Door to door sales: If you’re still into the old-fashioned way of approaching prospects, you can use your reputation to sell more products and services.
  • Website sales: Again, if you have a great reputation, people will look for your brand and will more than likely make a purchase from your website.
  • Phone sales: Where do people go to look up a company? On the Web. If they see your brand has good reviews and a solid reputation, they are more likely to give your business a call.

What a Bad Reputation Can Cost Your Business

You can imagine what happens to a business’s sales when its reputation is tarnished. But what other ways can it negatively impact your company? For one, your workers will feel less motivated to work for your brand. The office morale will be depleted, thanks to the backlash they’ll witness from any prospects they come into contact with. Plus, seeing bad things about your business on social media or even television can bring shame upon the workplace.

This could eventually lead to issues with employee retention. Your workers are going to doubt your business and the future of your company. If your business isn’t actively trying to correct the situation, you will continue facing this problem until you eventually shut down.

Hugh Benjamin is an Internet marketing expert that offers SEO, content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, PPC marketing and online reputation management services to small businesses across the nation.

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