Content Marketing Tips for the Summer time

The one thing I really like about content marketing is the flexibility it offers. You can create content based on the time of year, trending topics and anything else your audience would be interested in. There are many different ways you can use your videos, blog posts and images throughout the year, such as for seasonal promotions, the holidays and other themed marketing ideas.

Now that summer is here, it’s time to think of savvy ways to engage your audience. Here are a few summertime tricks you can pull out your sleeve.

Offer Summer-Centric Tips and Advice

There are a set of challenges everyone faces during the summer – what type of advice can you offer to make their lives easier? If you’re an HVAC company, you could offer tips for keeping their homes cool and electric bills minimal. Or if you’re an insurance agent and know your customers will be vacationing and traveling, then offer some advice to make their trips more convenient. Try to come up with themes that revolve around the summer and your audience.

Host a Summer Contest

Get people out and about doing things they enjoy by encouraging them to perform an activity and capture it on camera. This can be done using a contest you promote on social media. This would work well on YouTube and Instagram, where people can post their videos and images. Then ask followers who participate to include your product and/or hashtag in their posts.

Giveaways and Discounts

Summer is about fun and shopping, so everyone is on the prowl for a great deal. Make your business stand out by offering the best discounts around. You can also host giveaways, such as for the summer contests you create. For instance, if you’re an HVAC company, you can offer free inspections or replacements when they purchase a service. Make it a limited time offer to help motivate them to act swiftly.

Showcase Your Summertime Philanthropy

What type of activities does your business engage in during the summer? If you’re going to be supporting fundraisers, charities, blood drives or nonprofits, show it on social media. Get help from your followers, while at the same time showing your brand’s human side.

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