Combine Video and Social Media Marketing for Max Results!

What are two of the most fastest growing Internet marketing trends we see in 2016? Social media and video marketing. It comes as no surprise that the two would eventually cross paths, with many marketers and brands using social media to market video content. Facebook and other platforms have made it easier to upload video content and reach larger audiences. It’s an Internet marketers dream – to have more control over who sees your video content and get user engagement from followers.

If video isn’t already a part of your marketing strategy, ask yourself why. You’ll quickly see there’s really no good answer to that question. If you believe video creation is too expensive, that’s hog wash. There are brands making quality content using lower end cameras and equipment. And your videos don’t have to be fancy either – in fact, consumers prefer videos that are more real and human than commercial and corporate.

And if you’re really at a lost for how to incorporate video into your content marketing, you can consult with an Internet marketing expert.

What’s surprising is that Facebook actually gets more video play time daily than those on YouTube. Even Snapchat is fairing well, with billions of views daily. Twitter is also in the ranks, which allow brands a more personal approach to their marketing efforts.

So if you have a social media following, that’s great news. You can leverage them for your video marketing campaigns. And if you’re just starting out in online marketing, you can use some professional help to get your business on the right path.

YouTube is Trending…Downwards

YouTube is “the” video giant – it hosts more hours of video than I can humanly count. To paint a picture, there are 300 hours of content being published on YouTube every minute. But with the daily views slowly trickling downwards, YouTube is turning into nothing more than a video content library. This is all the while we’re seeing Facebook and other networks growing in daily views. Facebook currently has four billion video streams and growing.

Facebook Video is Inevitable

Once you really start to look at trends and the benefits of social media for your video marketing, you’ll come to find that Facebook is one of the top platforms to use. It’s shareable, personal and allows you more control over your campaigns. Here, you can post your videos and get near-immediate responses from your fans, which further helps to build your brand and potentially boost your sales.

Hugh Benjamin is an Internet marketing expert who has helped small companies grow into bigger, stable entities. This was all made possible using content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management, Web design and SEO.

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