What Brands Can Learn from Vine’s Failure

Twitter has evolved a lot over the years, providing us with a unique platform for sharing information. It even ventured into other venues like paid ads, online video and even real-time streaming. The brand has introduced various platforms and apps to the industry, such as Periscope and Vine. Vine is an app users use to create six-second videos to share with followers. This helped to shape and define the future of online video, but unfortunately, it won’t be a part of that future.

Some were surprised to learn that Twitter is planning to shut down Vine. However, others knew something like this would happen, especially with the shaky ground the parent company, Twitter, is on. But before we say our farewells to Vine, let’s take a brief look at some of the lessons we learned from this app.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Imagine how devastating it will be for any brand that solely advertised their services on Vine. Now, all of their hard work is going down the drain. If there’s one thing Myspace taught us early on, it’s that you can’t expect any platform to remain relevant forever, no matter how many people are actively using it today. Tomorrow is definitely not promised, so make sure you use more than one app or platform for branding purposes.

You Don’t Necessarily Need a Large Community

Vine did a great job of holding together a strong, but small community. This community was loyal to the app, which helped create brand advocates and ambassadors. The community on Vine are passionate about the app, and that passion can really drive forward a brand when harnessed correctly. Note that having a dedicated following of 10,000 people is better than having a million distracted followers.

Creativity is a Must

One of the reasons Vine is likely shutting down is because it wasn’t generating enough revenue. While social networks are designed with users in mind, they also aim to attract marketers and brands who want to connect with these individuals. Unfortunately, there weren’t many marketers or brands that were creative enough to make six-second videos. A unique little series could have really brought attention to the brands that published them.

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