How to Become a Successful Facebook Live Streamer

Everyone’s livestreaming these days, whether it be on SnapChat, Periscope or Facebook. People are creating and consuming thousands of hours of video content each week. This means brands have a grand opportunity to get in on the action. It’s a great way for entrepreneurs, small businesses and even large corporations to get the attention of their customers in an instant. Of course, this should be done strategically, otherwise, you’ll come off as intrusive and irrelevant.

There are various ways businesses can use live Facebook videos to their advantage. For example, it can be used to give sales pitches, presentations or deliver breaking industry news. Maybe you have insider information you want to share with your followers. People love to be in the know and the first to know, and nothing provides this access like live videos.

If you want your Facebook live streaming to be successful, then make sure to incorporate the following tips.

Design a Series for Your Content

It’s alright to jump on live feeds spontaneously, but doing so puts you at risk of not getting enough views. You want people to know you’re coming on, which is what makes series an excellent choice. It helps to generate awareness and if the series is interesting enough, it will retain viewers. Just make sure to keep the videos short and easily digestible.

Include Facebook Buttons on Your Site

The only way people will be notified of your live feeds is if they’re following you on Facebook. Make sure you don’t make the common mistake of not including Facebook buttons on your blog or website!

Don’t Forget to Engage

Live videos provide an engaging experience, so why not make it even more real by interacting with viewers? You can see comments from followers in real time, so reply to some of them on the video. You can set it up so that the topic of the video is like a mini Q&A or just conversational, versus a broadcast. Not all live videos will suit this type of engagement, so plan around it.

Plan Future Live Videos

Most people jump on Facebook live whenever they feel like it, but brands shouldn’t do this unless it’s urgent. The goal is to get as many people viewing your content as possible. The best way to do that is to give people a head’s up. Promote the event on your Facebook page, invite people to attend (this will also notify them) and use Facebook ads to reach out to others who aren’t followers.

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