5 Simple Tips for Preparing Your Business for the Holidays

The holidays are fast-approaching, and hopefully, your business isn’t scrambling around to get its ducks in a row. This is the time to start setting all of your initiatives in motion and potentially reaping great benefits. Tis the season for oodles of sales for companies that get it right. Numbers show that the U.S. retail industry raked in a whopping three trillion dollars during the holidays back in 2013. Almost 20 percent of that was from retail sales.

If you want to get a large piece of that pie, then you’re going to have to do more than just train your staff and create clever ways to market to your customers. These are necessary, but are only pieces of a giant puzzle.

Let’s review what some of those other pieces are.

Monitoring the Trends

It’s not about following the trends you see, but being aware of them, so that you can act strategically. For instance, Google predicted that mobile sales would soar during the holiday shopping season and that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing. This is a trend you obviously don’t want to ignore. There are a number of other trends marketers can use to their advantage, such as virtual reality, social commerce and alternative payments.

Update Your Website Performance

Since the Internet is the center of attention for holiday shoppers, it makes complete sense to have your website updated and improved for performance. You want to be able to manage an uptick in traffic and purchases. Make sure your hosting service is fully capable.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Your best bet is to be active in social media and have a solid search engine optimization strategy. These are the two places that consumers look to shop for goods. Make sure your website can be found on Google and that your brand is recognized on social platforms your audience frequents.

Use Last Years Stats

You can learn a lot from past mistakes and successes says Hugh Benjamin, so go to your data to see what you should repeat and what you should throw out. There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel if you already have some tools and methods that are working just fine.

Fine Tune Your Customer Service

One of the biggest problems customers have over the holidays is poor customer service. If yours is low quality, then you can expect to hear about it on social media, and once it hits there, it’ll spread like wildfire.

Hugh Benjamin is an Internet marketing expert who specializes in helping small business owners expand their businesses, by providing social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, website design, business development consulting, ORM and PPC marketing.

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