5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

This year brings about many changes for the online marketing community – some good, some a bit annoying. “Every Internet marketer has to remain committed to being flexible, otherwise they risk falling behind competition,” says Hugh Benjamin, a digital marketing professional.

We are seeing an up tick in many of the trends that reared their heads in 2015. These trends are the basis of the following predictions, which are believed to make an even bigger splash in 2016.

Data-Driven Marketing

There’s been a lot of talk among Internet marketing experts regarding data and how it will directly impact the way we market to consumers. It makes perfect sense – who wants to continue blindly pushing efforts that don’t yield results?

At least with data, you can make an educated guess about every strategy you employ. It sure beats shooting daggers in the dark.

Online Video

It’s been emphasized throughout 2015 that online video will soon take the cake. Millennials especially enjoy streaming content online. You can find a host of people on YouTube and on live-streaming sites like Twitch. But we doubt to see any Internet marketers with live-streaming in their play books, at least not in 2016. What we do predict is more businesses ramping up their YouTube channel archives.

The great thing about online video is that it continues working for you even after you’ve forgotten all about them.

Interactive Content

Everyone on the Internet is looking for interaction – it’s why social media exploded like it did. Sure, folks still desire valuable, quality content, but they’re getting bored with the typical ways of ingesting it. In a sense, they’re looking for some new flavors to consume, which is where interactive content comes into play. Think quizzes, applications and other forms of content that requires you to explore and click around.

The idea here is to come up with useful tools that your users will find valuable.


This is another word we’ve heard a lot throughout 2015. We believe more businesses will hone in on personalizing the customer experience and delivering relevant content and ads that are tailored specifically for a certain audience. Behavioral data will play an intricate role in making this possible.

Ad Blocking

Apple has revolutionized ad blocking by incorporating it into its browsers. This will make it more difficult for marketers that rely heavily on pop up ads. The best way to counter this is to invest in native advertising, which doesn’t resemble typical promotional content. Expect to see a shift towards this as we continue on through 2016.

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