3 Ways Content Can Convert Social Media Fans

There’s no doubt about it – social media is an overwhelming endeavor for even the seasoned professional. “However, the proof is in the pudding, social media can and will work if you know how to use it properly,” points out Hugh Benjamin, an Internet marketing professional.

The issue with social media is that there’s so much noise going on. You are competing with family members, friends and other brands that are on the walls of your users. Any given user has hundreds of friends and nearly as many liked pages. So you can imagine all of the clutter that populates their feed. Rising above all this is your goal, which can be achieved by posting great content.

Your content needs to be relevant and high-quality, so to get users to frequent your page and website. Plus, delivering great content will help to boost your rankings on search engines. Google is always looking for high-quality content. Make note that Google commands 31 percent of all traffic on the Web, so you want to ensure your site remains on the good side of this search engine giant.

What’s great about high-quality content is that it can build brand awareness, as well as increase your sales or subscribers.

The following tips can be used to transform more social media traffic into customers.

Find Quality Linking Opportunities to Boost Traffic

Social media networks are high-quality sites, so links stemming from popular pages and profiles get higher priority in search rankings. You put two and two together and you’ll see that social media can be used to boost your traffic. The key is to connect with influencers and get them to potentially link to your content on their pages.

Give Users a Reason to Click on Links

You have to use calls to action on your social media posts, just like you do on your website. Simply asking users to click, buy or perform another action is sometimes enough to get users to act. Of course, the actual reason for the CTA should be worthy, like providing a whitepaper to a client looking for your service or giving away a free eBook that’s relevant to your audience.

Be Selective About Your Headlines

Your headlines can make or break your social media efforts. The titles used for your content should pique the interest of your followers and prospects. Studies show that your headline can increase click-through rates. From there, it’s up to your content and offer to convert traffic.

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